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Prepare For The Adrenaline

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

The new nassau panel
Front breaks
Oil pump
Rear break
Magnesium wheels
The perfect experience in the Croc body

Born to ride, ride to live

Aesthetic Revolution Design

In terms of materials, a lot has been taken from the previous Croc Promotion venture, whereas the graphics and colour scheme has been completely renewed. An aesthetic revolution following the one at corporate level to “rebirth” of the brand.

New Features and Technical Modifications

The Croc Promotion chassis is the same as the one used last year. There are, however, new features and technical modifications, especially with regard to materials, which have been analysed and optimised, even taking into account the tyres that will be used.

Croc Promotion kartPress
6. December 2023

World and European champion of 2023 in the X30 Senior and Junior category.

X30 Junior World champion for the third year in a row. This is the result of our passion for this sport, dedication to work, production of all key components in-house,…
29. October 2023

Magic double hit

We are two-time world champions in 2023,🏆 X30 Senior + 🏆 X30 Junior =  Superb culmination of the season, which is the best reward for all participants and supporters. We…
20. October 2023

Another successfully completed karting season

Another successfully completed karting season – 2023 Slovak International championships, in which drivers even from the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland also actively participate. In all categories, we fought…
EL.ZET company behind CROC Promotion

The event of Kart Expo Adria from the end of 2019 began a new chapter of CROC
Promotion. Manufacture continues in full swing. We will try to build on the successes of the 2019 season and continue our great work for our satisfied customers. Our goal for 2020 is to support and grow the network of importers, improve the quality of chassis and all components, and last but not least build awareness of CROC Promotion among fans of this beautiful sport.

As the main supplier of components (magnesium, aluminum), the chassis began to
be supplied under the MAD-CROC brand and later since 2017 as the CROC Promotion. At the end of 2019, EL.ZET took over the CROC Promotion, which was the culmination of cooperation. EL.ZET is ranked for almost two decades as a stable supplier of components for almost all renowned karting brands.

EL.ZET. Ltd.
A. S. Puskina 1106/28, 98401 Lučenec, Slovakia    +421 907 399 239    @crocpromotion    @crocpromotion