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We are two-time world champions in 2023,🏆 X30 Senior + 🏆 X30 Junior =  Superb culmination of the season, which is the best reward for all participants and supporters. We are extremely grateful and full of emotions that the effort we put into CROC Promotion brand is bringing fruit = victories 🏆

Instead of loud shouts, strong gestures, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who participates in the creation of this story. Without you – our customers, dealers, drivers, their parents, sponsors, suppliers, tuners, etc. we wouldn’t be here. That’s why we thank you once again. this is your merit-reward.


X30 Senior:

Khali Atkins – after winning the title of European champion in 2023, also crowned his MC01 chassis with the title of World Champion – an incredible performance!
Caden Mcqueen – great work/performance during whole week, we are grateful for your contribution to the team.
Harry Platten – the incident after the start made it impossible for you to show your speed, next time your time will come.
X30 Senior Document OFFICIAL Final Results PDF


X30 Junior:

The title of World champion for the third year in a row + four CROC Promotion chassis in the top ten, this will not be a coincidence,superb job guys!

Harry Bartle -Great, balanced but also fearless performance that brought you to the top and you have the right to wear the crown for the best after your predecessor Gabriel Stilp (CROC Promotion 2021, 2022)

Green Zac, Green Fred, Svahn Vilmer, Carter Hanrry – Incredible performance guys, it only took a moment and you could have been on podium. We are extremely glad to have you on board with us.
X30 Junior Document OFFICIAL Final Results PDF

X30 Master:

JEAN BAPTISTE Vincent – thank you very much for the work you are doing for us,  you are substantial part of the team.



The next adventure awaits us in Las Vegas Supernats 26. Let’s see how it goes on American soil.